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Dorinne Henning and Martin Plumers

About us

The Pheasant Pluckers are a group of five musicians and comics. Together they add up to more than 150 years of experience, having worked with Jango Edwards, Pigeon Drop Comedy Company, The Nitwits and Lonnie Donegan to name but a few. For the Pluckers, variety is the key word and not only because they are from five different countries. They switch between styles and sounds in a mixture of music, theatre and comedy. You might hear Zappa, Ellington, Sinatra, Spike Jones and Shostakovich all within five minutes. You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat not knowing what’s coming next. There are vocals in close harmony, velvety brass melodies, a rhythm section that really nails it and even some rude jokes.

The Pheasant Pluckers are a one of a kind ensemble!


  • La Strada Sul Palco, (Italy)
  • Duke Town Jazz Festival, (Den Bosch)
  • Heineken Jazz Festival, (Capella a.d.IJssel)
  • Street Festival Lienz, (Austria)
  • Theatre Carre, 50 years Circus Elleboog (Amsterdam)
  • Meppelsdag, 2 times 1st prize winner! (Holland)
  • Oerol Festival, (Holland)
  • Moderne Clowns Festival, (Amsterdam)
  • Fools Adrift, (Holland)
  • Vlissingen Festival, (Holland)
  • Theater im Garten, Wiesbaden, (Germany)
  • Foolstock, Amsterdam, (Holland)
  • Clown Festival, Leukerbad, (Switzerland)
  • Festival of Fools, Amsterdam, (Holland)
  • Carnaval de Valladolid, (Spain)


De jury van:

“ Jullie zijn ’n feest” (Angela Groothuizen)

“You have to love a good surprise. I don’t know how Much time it took you to prepare that, but it was worth it, cause it works. It was really fun.”
“They have the element of surprise working for them, you don’t know what to expect. But I think what really makes it work, is that they are really good as well. An act like this sometimes can get boring fast, if you’re not really talented, but you guys are, so it just makes you want to see what else you’re going to come with next.”
(Dan Karaty)

“Ik vond het zoooo leuk, dit is entertainment. Ik heb me heel erg geamuseerd.”
“Ik vind het ‘n enig geheel, jullie samen. Ik vind het stuk voor stuk leuk om naar jullie te kijken. Ik vond het een te gekke act. Weird in a good way.” (Chantal Janzen)

“Ik heb nog nooit een drummer gezien die ook trompet speelde. Dat is best knap. Ik vind jullie ontzettend leuk.”
“Het is fantastisch om naar te kijken en te luisteren.” (Angela Groothuizen)

“Er zit humor in en er zit plezier in, en vooral muzikaliteit. Ik vond het echt ‘n geweldig, hysterisch fazanten-optreden. Een heel groot compliment.”
“Ik vind dat jullie muzikaal heel goed zijn. Ik vind dit echt heel bijzonder….. ik word er heel erg vrolijk van. Het is weird maar heel erg vakmatig en vakkundig gedaan, dus grote complimenten daarvoor.” (Paul de Leeuw)

Other quotes

“They are a musical theatre act with a kind of magic comedy. They ridicule without being banal” (Het Parool)

“They appear in a beautiful mix of Music Theatre and refined comedy. It’s always surprising how flexible and tight the music is, how clear the vocals sound and how they change instruments with such ease” (De Gelderlander)

“A brilliant band of comic angels. Imagine Zappa, Ellington, Prince and Sinatra all rolled up in one” (Jango Edwards)

“They play traditional folk music like flamenco and klezmer, a bit of classical, a round of country and jazz and a set of pop and rock. Like chameleons, they take on the colour of various musical styles and are able to do so because of their impressive record in the fields of theatre and music.” (Folia)

Who we are

Jimmy Sernesky

Drums, Trumpet and Vocals

Jimmy, a Canadian, grew up in musically rich northern California and began playing trumpet at age ten and drums ar age 19. After touring extensively throughout the U.S.A and Canada and appearing regularly in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno, Jimmy first arrived in Europe in 1978. Since then he has performed live and/or recorded with such notables as Jango Edwards, Pigeon Drop Comedy Company, Mathilde Santing, Available Jelly, Bill Frisell, Klaus Doldinger, Alphonse Mouzon, All Ellington, Daniel Rovai, and sang live on German television with Yoko Ono.

Grada Peskens

Sax, Accordeon and Vocals

At the end of her education at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, she became a dancer with the Scapino Ballet. After completing the Amsterdam Theatre School she toured Europe with Jango Edwards and The Friends Roadshow, music theatre group The Dutchies and dance theatre group Pace. She also directs and teaches Theatre Arts.

Stan Haywood

Clarinet, Keyboard and Vocals

After playing in dixieland bands while still at school in London, Stan’s career took off when he joined the New Vaudeville Band just as their world wide hit single “Winchester Cathedral” was about to hit the #1 spot. During the next few years they toured together appearing on major American T.V. shows such as The Tonight Show and The Ed Sullivan Show and in Britain on Top of the Pops and Sunday Night at the London Palladium. After five years work in America, Stan returned to Europe to work in Paris with The Nitwits and eventually ended up in Amsterdam where he at first worked with Jango Edwards and went on to become a member of Pigeon Drop.

Lorand Sarna

Guitar, Clarinet and Vocals

Lorand was born and raised in New York city but he spent a good part of his youth in Japan, Paris and San Francisco. The guitar revolution of the 60’s, inspired him to pick up the guitar and he’s had extensive training in both Classical and Jazz music. Lorand settled in Amsterdam in 1981 and quickly established himself on the Jazz scene, playing with Pablo Nahar, Paul Stocker, Peggy Larsson, Angelo Verploegen, J.C. Trans and many other notable jazz musicians.

Tyrone Collis

Bass Guitar, Percussion and Vocals

Born in England, raised mainly in Germany and having a German-Egyptian background, Tyrone began his musical career in Amsterdam in the 1980’s. He played for several years as a drummer/percussionist and bassplayer in the latin formation Trio Tamicos and the more Brasilian orientated percussion group Orisha. In 2002 he decided to concentrate more on bass playing and expanded into other styles such as jazz and flamenco.